Chris Gilger was born in Warren, Ohio in 1954 and as a youngster was raised in a tough neighborhood on the West side in the West-lawn area.  His father worked at Delphi Packard, mother worked part-time, and he had three brothers and one sister.  When he was around three years old, his mother had an accidental fall and broke her back and it caused her to be disabled and have a lifetime of pain.  Chris had a great-grandmother to help raise him and he learned very early in life about people in chronic pain who had afflictions and illnesses.  He had a great-grandmother who had very strong faith.  She told Chris that he would end up a man of God when he was very young.  When he was six years old, his great-grandmother died and he had his first experience with feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Chris was trying his best not to cry, because he knew his father would be unhappy about it if he did, so he just kept reading the 23rd Psalm in the funeral bulletin over and over again.  He explained that a peace and warmth came over him and it was his first encounter with God’s loving and peaceful presence.

We have a vision to be able to serve our community in a way that helps people; recover from addictions, get back on their feet, rebuild broken relationships, restore families and become a vital part of a growing community with a positive influence.  We are proud to work alongside our volunteers and donors impacting lives with services that bring restoration as we share the Gospel message.


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Matthew 25:40
40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’